NAC - Family Rafting

Rafting for the whole family, from toddlers to grannies.

Get your kids into the adventure spirit and love of nature from an early age. The family rafting trip runs down a quiet section of the cleanest water river in Japan, the Shiribetsu river. From toddlers to grannies anyone can take part in this scenic tour. Lots of chances along the way to jump into the water with your kids and create those special memories. A lot of the time we have trouble keeping the kids in the boat as jumping into the river becomes too much fun. There are life jackets of all sizes to keep everyone floating and having fun. A good ideas to bring a rain jacket for the kids on wet days. Wear a pair of swimming shorts and a t-shirt to keep the sun off, or just put the kids in their swimmers. Kids cannot participate on their own, a parent or guardian is required to have fun with them.

- Duration: 8th Jul 2017 - 31st Aug 2017
- Age: 3 yrs +
- Schedule: 10:00-, 13:00-
- Time: 2.5 hours


Junior high school and over, 5,150yen

Primary school 3,100yen

Preschoolers 3 years and over 2,050yen



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